Cryptocurrency Mining Rig (Ethereum, Monero, Electronium, zCash, etc.) 12 GPU's (8 GPU)


US $11,459.00

Product Description

This is a fully built cryptocurrency miner. Currently, have builds for an RX Vega 64 6 GPU miner, 12 GPU GTX 1070 ti FTW2 and 8 GPU RX 580. - Rx Vega 64 Build Hash Rate: 360 MH/z - GTX 1070Ti FTW2 Hash Rate: 374.34 MH/z - Rx 580 8 GPU Hash Rate: 192 MH/z Operating System: Ethos This miner will mine: Ethereum, Electroneum, Monero, zCash, SMARTCash, Ethereum Classic, and other AMD/NVIDIA coins.


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