Joomla! 3 Boot Camp: 30-Minute Lessons to Joomla! 3 Mastery


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Joomla! is the world's most popular open-source CMS website-building software, used by many of today's top companies to build websites and powerful online applications. JOOMLA! 3 BOOT CAMP: 30-MINUTE LESSONS TO JOOMLA! 3 MASTERY takes a unique approach to helping you master Joomla! 3. After a thorough introduction to the newly revamped Joomla! platform, the authors present a series of solutions for installing and managing a Joomla! 3 website. With the book's handy exercise-based format, you simply look up the tasks you want to perform and learn how to insert content using Joomla! 3 and its extensions. Then follow the easy, step-by-step instructions to accomplish each task. Among other skills, you will learn the details of Joomla! content structure and site layout; how to create and edit a commercial-quality website using the Joomla! 3 backend administrator control panel; how to integrate advanced extensions, specialized components, and modules, and much more. The book's companion website offers exercises, updates, and a wealth of valuable information for website administrators, including an online course written by the authors. With JOOMLA! 3 BOOT CAMP, you can master any content-management task in a half hour or less, even if you're new to the software. Intermediate and advanced users will find a quick reference, with special hints and tips to simplify the insertion of content items. Take control of your websites with JOOMLA! 3 BOOT CAMP: 30-MINUTE LESSONS TO JOOMLA! 3 MASTERY.


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