Mini Drone - Kids Pocket Small Drone with Altitude Hold, Nano Remote control RC Helicopter QuadCopter for Beginners White by Virtuoso Flying Machine


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Flying Tips:

1. Locate and get familiarized with all buttons on the remote control.
2. It's recommended to charge the drone until the charger turns the red light on.
3. Turn on the drone and the drone lights will flash. Then turn on the remote control and the remote control will short beep twice and the drone light will stop flashing and the remote control light will flash until calibration is done.
4. Calibration: Push left throttle up, remote control will long beep once and flash. Pull left throttle down, remote control will long beep once and flash stops. It's important to do this next: Keep the left throttle at the bottom.
5. Important note on Speed Control: It's crucial for first time player to change drone's speed and sensitivity to the lowest by pressing in on the left throttle until you hear one short beep (you can press in the left throttle while it's at the bottom position). There are three speed modes and one beep for lowest speed, two beeps for medium speed, and three beeps for the highest speed.
6. Once the Speed Control is adjusted, carefully and slowly push the left throttle up till the drone slowly lift off from the floor (usually this is when left throttle reaches the middle and the drone will hover in the air). This is where you would want to be if you were a beginner player. Also, this is where you could practice adjusting trim buttons. Get familiarized with the trim buttons to adjust flying errors. Left throttle control must be carefully and slowly done or the drone will react to quick change of the left throttle.


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