Breathe Fresh Air Purifier Living Ozone Ionizer Generator Simply Fresh


US $114.95

Product Description

Comes with powerful built in Ionizer technology- Refreshes up to 3,500 Square Feet offers 24/ 7 Dust Control. KILLS AIRBORNE GERMS: removes airborne viruses, germs. Negative ions produced from the ionizer drop dust and particulate from the air. Helps solve - itchy eyes, allergies, sinus and ear irritations that cause sneezing. OZONE DEODORIZING: Makes 720 mg ozone/hr - easily removes bad odors/mold smells/chemicals/smoke smells. It is normal for the ozone function to create a potentially unpleasant smell while operating. After 1-2 hours of the ozone function having run and subsequently turned off, return to find extremely fresh smelling air. Make sure to use the ozone function on this unit in unoccupied spaces and return 1-3 hours after ozone has been turned off. SPACIOUS COVERAGE: Works in homes/ spaces up to 3,500 square feet. Re energizes your mood by recreating natures natural smell in your Home, office apartment or commercial space ELEGANT FINISH: Unit is made of a dark Cherry Wood - for a very attractive upscale look. Internals made of strong high quality stainless steel. Items are hand made and wood naturally may have slight imperfections that add to the uniqueness.


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