Outdoor TV Cover, PANTHER Series Weatherproof Universal Protector for 22'' - 24'' LCD, LED, Plasma Television Sets


US $19.95

Product Description

Whether you decide to put a television on a patio, an outdoor deck or by the pool, the KHOMO GEAR TV Cover provides All Season Protection for your valuable Flat Panel TV. Engineered to withstand harsh conditions from the scorching sun to the unforgiving cold. You can rest easy knowing your TV is protected All Year round against dust, insects, UV Rays, ice and condensation with this TV Cover. The KHOMO GEAR TV Cover is made of a unique material that allows it to 'breathe' while keeping out water, wind and moisture. This material will not allow mold and moisture to build up; preventing any damage to your TV that may arise from condensation. The KHOMO GEAR TV Cover is very simple to setup. Just Cover starting from the top and a 3-Way Flap on the rear of the cover easily fits almost every wall mount. A Handy Waterproof Remote Control Pocket is also included in the back.


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