Pioneer CD mini component system X-CM56 (W) (White)


US $331.80

Product Description

Product Description ? Blend into the space commitment, style and color. ? It adopts the interior and the compatibility good woodgrain design to the body and the speaker, we line up the four color variations easy to match with a variety of interior. If you choose a color that matches the taste of the room, and penetration without compromising the atmosphere. In addition, when the speaker is placed horizontally, because the body and the height is in a flat form fit, and fit in the room until the appearance as well as color. ? Wireless if from the spot, at any time. ? You can play the music that you have saved, for example, to the smartphone wirelessly ? 1. In addition, corresponding to the Bluetooth® standby you can turn on the power of the body from smartphone ? 2. In addition, once because from only in the next pairing is also compatible with Bluetooth® auto-connect can connect automatically, you can enjoy the music more smart. ? Corresponding to a variety of sound sources. ? CD and playback and AM / FM MP3 file that you saved at the beginning USB memory, you can enjoy a variety of media in one. ? tuner Frequency range: FM: 76.0 MHz ~ 95.0 MHz (wide FM corresponding ?), AM: 522 kHz ~ 1620 kHz


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