FAT & Happy Ranch Dressing 8oz, made with MCT oil, Keto


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Product Description

FAT & HappyTM Ranch Dressing is a high fat salad dressing made with MCT Oil as its main ingredient... instead of GMO soy or canola oil or water. So, you can get the highest quality fats into your diet, providing brain boosting energy and ketones. Balance is the secret to a great tasting Ranch dressing. And that's exactly what you get from FAT & HappyTM Ranch dressing - an initial hit of tang balanced by the mild taste of buttermilk. A second bite reveals the subtle presence of garlic, onion and black pepper in a rich, creamy texture. The only question that remains - What does FAT & HappyTM Ranch go best with... Pizza, Salad, Wings, Burger, Fries? The possibilities are endless.


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