Heartbeat Baby Monitor CLUSS 2 x Headphones Ideal for Home Use Perfect Gift for Parents Offers Great Peace of Mind FDA Approved


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? It's a really emotional moment to hear your baby ?. Listen to the sounds your baby makes with our personal baby monitor ? The Best Gift for Ever for Couples This baby monitor is the perfect device that allows you to be close to your baby's actions. Both mom and dad will have a very special moment listening their baby which is a sign that he/she is doing fine., you can hear movement sounds, hiccups, giggles and much more. How to Use YATS Baby Monitor Our device is tailor-made for both couples to use this tool is the easiest way possible. First, you need to switch on the device and then put on the earphones, relax and enjoy the sounds of your baby. What's In The Box? ? 1 x Baby Monitor ? 1 Earphones ? 1 x Recording Cable ? 1 x Headphone Splitter ? 1 x 9V Battery ( Not included) ? 1 x Instruction Manual Ready to listen your baby's sound? Click the add to cart button and order our baby monitor now!


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