Sternitz Bhakti Hoodie, Eco-Friendly and Soft. Womens Shirt.


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This lightweight hoodie is a winning combination. Available in 6 vibrant colors is a perfect choice for chilly weather or just to cover up. (Viscose Bamboo 94% Elasthan 6%) BENEFITS OF BAMBOO FABRIC - THERMOCLIMATIC - Ensures being warm in winter and cool in the summer. The excellent properties of bamboo fabric makes it ideal for the warmer summer days. EXTREMELY SMOOTH - Bamboo clothing is softer than cotton. and they have natural luster like silk or cashmere. bamboo shades are more durable than silk or satin. PROTECTS AGAINST UV RAYS - Bamboo naturally gives protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 94% Bamboo Viscose, 6% Elastane Do not iron. Classic FIGHTING ALLERGIES - organic matter is a naturally soft bamboo fiber with non-irritating to the skin, properties making it ideal for people with sensitive skin and other allergies or dermatitis. ANTIBACTERIAL - Bamboo fabric naturally contains anti bacterial agents that prevent bacteria appear in it, which means it helps keep odor free. ABSORB MOISTURE - A cross section of bamboo fibers shows several micro holes, allowing bamboo clothing have superior absorption. This allows them to absorb and evaporate perspiration faster. Bamboo fiber is 4 times more absorbent than cotton.


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