Amazon Alexa Echo Portable External Battery Pack, Echo Battery Supply 10080 mAh Alexa Echo Battery Portable Base with USB for charging other devices, P070 Black by EagleTec (1st Ec


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Product Description

EXTERNAL BATTERY PACK FOR AMAZON ALEXA ECHO; Useful Alex accessories with 10080 mAh Large Battery Capacity, supplies Amazon Echo with constant powerand allows for 6-10 hours of operation without being plugged in. (Not for Echo Dot and Echo 2nd Generation , ) ALEXA PORTABLE BATTERY BASE; Works with existing Echo Power Adapter, cut the cord, make your Amazon Echo truly wireless with the EagleTec P070 Portable Battery Base. Enjoy your music anywhere at home, indoors or outdoors! The Battery Pack attaches securely to the Alexa Echo speaker base making the Alexa Echo easily portable. PORTABLE BATTERY SUPPLY; is super convenient and installed in seconds. When ready to use your Amazon Echo away from the wall outlet, just unplug the power cord and go. Take to another room or go outside. EXTRA STABILITY; The Battery Base adds extra stability to the Amazon Echo and stabilizes Alexa Echo so that the Speaker doesn't get tipped over easily. Rubber pads at the bottom add additional protection and stability. HIGH-QUALITY LITHIUM ION BATTERY; PLUS the built-in Intelligent battery management system allows the user to leave power adapter continuously plugged into the base without shorten the battery's lifespan.


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