Long Tree Pruner Pole Saw | Telescopic Long Reach Fruit Picker 5-13 Feet| Handled Garden Bypass Lopper Tree Trimmer Pruning Tool


US $59.99

Product Description

Telescopes from 5 to 13FT: Long Reach Pruner Extends from 5 to 13 feet in length which can help cut away branches, twigs or leaves that are difficult to reach. Cut N' Hold: After cutting the fruit branches the pruner will hold it until released in your fruit harvesting pocket, cut pieces securely until you release, making your pruning or harvesting chores easier. Fast Cut: The ergonomic spring-loaded handle will spring back to allow another cut and help reduce hand and wrist fatigue. Easy-to-install free blade: Works as pole saw with easy-to-install free blade. Best long handled lopper ars long reach pruners telescopic fruit picker long handled pruner Replacement saw blade is available to purchase.


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