DAHTEC Heater Space Heater Electric Forced Air Heater Protable Thermostat Heater Enhanced 1500W


US $57.99

Product Description

??Stay warm & comfortable?: Do not worried about the cold weather during winter time. This portable room heater is made for chilly days in your house or office. The compact size provides effective, consistent warmth and it won't get in your way. This indoor ceramic heater will keep you stay warm and comfortable in any space when it gets cold. ??Easy control with adjustable modes?: The electric heater has three heat settings (20W/750W/1500W). This small space heater also has a cooling fan function. You can turn the selection button to fan only, low or high heat to get your desired temperature. With this space heater fan, you can adjust the room temperature as you want. Note: Please put this heater in front of you to warm up the space quickly and evenly. ??Overheat protection?: The indoor heater comes with an overheat protection circuit for improved safety. This small space heater automatically shuts off when the temperature is too high. The heater can only resume working after it has cooled down. You know, the safety is most important thing.Our heaters provide a guarantee for your safety. ??Oscillation function & convenient handle?: The portable bathroom heaters for indoor use is equipped with a widespread oscillation function for reliable heating performance. This mini space heater also features an integrated carryhandle, making it very easy to carry, take it from floor to the table or wherever it is needed. Besides, the body of this indoor space heater can stay cool when it is working (except for the metal mesh). ??Your investment is guaranteed?: DAHTEC offers one year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee for this space heater. Important instructions: 1. In case of automatically overheat shut off, unplug the heater & wait for 30 minutes to cool down, then restart the heater. 2. Make sure the heater is on a flat and hard surface. 3. Do not use the heater fan in the surroundings of bath, shower or swimming pool. 4. In order to avoid overheat situations, do not cover anything on the heater.


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