KLARSTEIN Bornholm Curved, Convection Heater, Stand Heater, Electric, 2000 W, Splashproof, ECO Mode, Overheat Protection, Adjustable Programs, Child Lock, Wall Mounting Possible, B


US $94.99

Product Description

ELEGANT DESIGN: The Klarstein Bornholm Curved Heater is a powerful convection heater for premises up to 430 ft². POWERFUL: The unit's 1500 watts of power deliver heat according to your individual preferences and seasonal needs. Settings are adjusted via a touch panel with a blue-lit LCD display. ADJUSTABLE: Various programs are available for optimal configuration. In addition to specification of a target temperature and an economy mode, a time-controlled weekly program is also available. PARENTAL CONTROL: A parental lock blocks unauthorised access to the programs while a frost-free function prevents the complete cooling of a room in your absence. FOR YOU: The stand alone heater can be optimally positioned in any room. Alternatively, the heater can also be wall mounted to save-space with included mounting materials.


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