Mica Panel Heater - 1500W Wall Heater with Free Stand & Wheels, 350 Sq Ft Coverage, Low Noise, Garage Space Heater with Thermostat, Rapid Heating, Safety Protection, Allergy-Friend


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Product Description

?350 Sq Ft Coverage & 3 seconds Heat up?This 1500W mica panel heater with convection and reflective heat technology is known for its efficiency. Using the powerful mica mineral makes this indoor heater possible to warm up your room with electromagnetic rays in just 3 seconds. No more waiting. Enjoy the warmth immediately. Compared with the traditional heating tech, this heating speed is faster, the heating efficiency is higher, more energy-saving. ?Wall Heater & Free Stand with Wheels?This panel wall heater with universal wheels is ideal for different scenes. With the tools included, it can be mounted on your wall easily. Besides, this space heater is also portable enough to be moved around thanks to the universal wheels. This mica heater is ideal for large rooms like office, living room or bedroom. ?Low Noise & Allergy-Friendly?This mica heater panel with no-fan design can work without any noise, it is ideal for office room and bedroom. What's more, mica heater warms the objects directly rather than the surrounding air, it will not blow dust into the room like the other electric heaters do, making it far more healthier to use. ?Adjustable Thermostat & Energy-Saving?This garage space heater panel with adjustable thermostat (750W/1500W) will match your different warming demands. That mica heater will cycle on and off to maintain your desired temperature of the room, according to the thermostat setting and the room's ambient temperature. And it is designed to transfer 100% of its electrical input to heat, which will help you to SAVE UP TO 50% ELECTRICITY BILLS. ?Overheat Protection & Tip-Over Protection?When the internal temperature reaching a certain value, the sensor in the mica heater will feel overheating and will trigger the automatic cut off function. And its tip-over protection will protect your families from potential fire risk. When the portable mica panel heater gets tipped over, it will be auto shut off until you adjust it.


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