NewAir Portable Space Heater, Wall Mountable Electric Mica Room Heater for Indoor Use, AH-480


US $111.38

Product Description

[Choose Between Portable or Wall Mounted Heating] Use the mounting hardware to place your heater on a wall or use the easy-glide casters to roll it to the ideal place. The choice is yours. Either way, its slim design helps it fit in any place you put it. [Get Warm Right Away with Powerful Convection Heating] The Diamond Heat uses a convection heating system to warm cold air quickly. When cold air circulates over the powerful heating plate, it warms and rises. The hot new air travels into your space-replacing any cold spots along the way. [Get Cozy in 160 Square Feet of Heat] Stay toasty with 2 heat modes: high and low. Both are powerful enough to heat 160 square feet of space for cozy comfort. Plus, this heater is energy efficient. [Silent Convection Heating for Peace and Quiet] The Diamond Heat doesn't use a fan to force hot air into your space. This means it is completely silent-thanks to its natural convection heating system. [Smart Safety Features: Sleep in Peace] This heater was designed with safety in mind. In addition to being ETL certified, it also includes a tip over kill switch, while it's overheating protection immediately shuts off the unit if it gets too hot. That way, you can stay warm and sleep in peace.


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