Wall Mounted Electric Heater, 120V 500W Convector Heater, Infrared Space Panel Heater for Home Bedroom Office, Ideal for 150 Sq Ft Room, Energy Efficient, Child Safe, Crack Resista


US $158.00

Product Description

?LOWER YOUR HEATING BILL? Our wall mounted heater uses less than 1/3 of the electricity than other conventional heaters. It costs less than 6 cents an hour to warm up a chilly room. ?SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS? This electric wall heater has an overheat protection for safe operation. The surface temperature of the panel will not burn you upon contact. ?PANEL HEATER SPECS? 500 Watts, 1706 BTU, 120 Volts, 4.17 Amps. Uses only 0.5 Kwh of energy. Most efficient in a 150 sq. ft. room. Measures 23.6 x 39.4 x 1.2 inches. Weights 5.5 pounds. ?HIGHLY EFFICIENT HEATING? The infrared panel heater will heat up in 3 seconds using both infrared radiant heat and convection heat to warm up your room. No heat lost into walls.This product does not have a switch button, it is recommended that you use it with a dedicated Wireless Thermostat. ?HEALTHY HEATING? With no fan required, our convection heater warms your room without any noise and dust. Ideal for asthma or allergy suffers. Also won't dry air out. Great Thanksgiving gift for your family or friends.


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