Mental Mojo: Rocket Fuel For Your Brain--Nootropic Drink Mix Powder Brain Supplement--Patent-Pending Brain Boost Supports Mental Focus, Memory, Clarity & Energy (Fruit Punch)


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NEUROCHEMIST-DESIGNED NOOTROPIC STACK: Mental Mojo is a PATENT-PENDING nootropic brain supplement drink powder developed by leading neurochemists/formulators to boost mental focus, memory, clarity and energy. MOST BIOAVAILABLE, MOST PORTABLE: Studies prove that liquids are 7X more bioavailable than pills, but who wants to put a shot bottle/can in their suit pocket? Nootropic stick packs allow an instant brain boost when you need it, and portability when you don't. #1 RATED FLAVOR: Mental Mojo received the highest rating for flavor ever awarded by the prestigious Nootropic Drinks Review: "Mental Mojo has perfected the nootropic stack beyond anything I have had the pleasure of reviewing up to this point." BOOST BRAINS, NOT BODY FAT: 0 Calories, 0 Artificial Sweeteners, 0 Sugar, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Vegan. HIGHEST-GRADE, USA-MADE: Mental Mojo's patent-pending nootropic drink mix is made in a NSF®/cGMP certified facility in Arizona where only the purest nootropics are utilized, including: Vinpocetine (boosts cerebral blood flow), Alpha-GPC (bioavailable choline, the brain's food for thought), Acetyl-L-Carnitine (boosts brain energy), Huperzine A (boosts neuro muscular control), Phosphatidylserine (boosts memory) and L-Tyrosine (boosts cognitive endurance).


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